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Defi VSD Basis HUD Display #4697
Defi VSD Basis HUD Display
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VSD BASIS is a product to display the speed and the engine speed digitally by reflecting the information on the windshield of vehicle. The projection technology is called "Heads Up Display(HUD)." VSD is our original technology focusing on compactness and universality utilizing the HUD technology. 

This product also incorporates LED light bar that provides an analogue display of vehicle speed or engine speed. With vehicles having manual transmissions, this product can be set to indicate a predetermined engine speed at which the vehicle may be shifted into the next gear. 

The unit provides an alphanumeric display of vehicle speed and engine revolutions. As well as an LED light bar that provides a driver selectable analog display of speed or engine revolutions.

Other features include a programmable display that allows the step value of the speedometer and tachometer display to be adjusted and a memory function that stores vehicle maximum speed.

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